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The Fur Country Part 01


Jules Verne

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Seventy Degrees North Latitude

Translated from the French of Jules Verne



With One Hundred Illustrations




This Translation




Clapham, 1873



I-01-a "Mrs Joliffe served out slice after slice" I-01-b Lieutenant Hobson and Sergeant Long I-01-c "The Corporal, match in hand, awaited the order of his Captain" I-02-a The arrival of Thomas Black I-02-b A savant thawed I-03-a Thomas Black introduces himself I-04-a The start from Fort Reliancce I-04-b "Lieutenant Hobson and the Sergeant led the way," I-05-a Corporal Joliffe proves his skill in driving, I-05-b The beginning of the thaw I-05-c The effects of the thaw I-06-a A wapiti duel I-06-b "To the icebergs! to the icebergs!" I-06-c "There were bears prowling in the pass" I-07-a The Hare Indians I-08-a A storm on the lake I-08-b "Hobson uttered a last despairing cry!" I-08-c Saved! I-09-a The mouth of the Coppermine River I-09-b "Thousands of birds were shot" I-10-a Traces of an encampment I-11-a The footprints of a dancer I-11-b A temporary encampment I-12-a "I promise you double pay" I-12-b The site of the fort I-12-c Collecting materials for the new factory I-13-a A hunting party I-14-a Sergeant Long and Madge fishing I-14-a "From this position they were able," &c. I-15-a A Morse Hunt I-16-a Walrus Bay I-16-b Two shots I-16-c Rival claimants I-17-a "A new country was springing into being" I-17-b "A kind of fete was held" I-18-a "Mrs Barnett read aloud" I-18-b "The dogs rushed out" &c. I-19-a "The body was hauled up" &c. I-19-b Some living creatures came out of the hut I-19-c "She ran up to it" &c. I-20-a "It is more beautiful than an Aurora Borealis!" I-21-a "The bears were walking about on the roof" I-21-b "Mrs Barnett pressed the brave man's hand" I-21-b "Mrs Barnett discharged the contents" &c. I-21-d "Mingled howls and screams were heard" I-22-a "Just look at our house now!" I-22-b "The ice burst" &c. I-22-c "Its waters were still sweet" &c. I-23-a "He might be seen standing motionless and silent" I-23-b "All might watch the progress of the phenomenon" I-23-c "Please, sir, it's because of the pay" I-23-d "He shook his fist at the sun" II-02-a "I think not" II-02-b "The carpenter fixed upon the beach" &c. II-02-c "Thomas Black would not even join the exploring party" II-03-a "They breakfasted" &c. II-03-b "Numerous furred animals" &c. II-04-a "He was able to look closely at the steep wall" &c. II-04-b "Keep hold!" II-04-c "Corporal Joliffe was extremely fond of him" II-05-a "Thanks to the Corporal's unwearying exertions" II-05-b "We are sinking gradually" II-06-a "Hobson remained crouching" &c. II-060b "The Lieutenant promised" &c. II-07-a "Not that way" II-07-b "Sergeant! Where are you?" II-07-c "We saw their fire; they will see ours!" II-08-a "Look, Madge, look!" II-08-b "The bear seized Kalumah by the clothes" II-08-c "It was the young Esquimaux girl Kalumah" II-09-a She murmured, 'Mrs Barnett' II-09-b "The waves dashed over her kayak" II-09-c "She covered him with kisses" II-10-a "The Lieutenant tied round their necks" II-10-b "Hobson was in dismay" II-11-a "The wolves came within musket range" II-11-b "We knew it, sir!" II-12-a "It was a Polar bear" II-12-b "Two large waggon sledges were built" II-13-a "Some of the icebergs assumed extraordinary forms" II-13-b "We must pass somehow" II-14-a "Marbre flung his running noose skilfully," II-14-b "Everybody started back" II-15-a "It was dashed upon the ice-field with a fearful crash" II-15-b "I think it is time to retrace our steps" II-16-a "It is a frost-rime" II-16-b "He took the altitude" II-17-a "When an unexpected noise" II-17-b "It was like an army of icebergs" &c. II-18-a "Poor things! poor things!" II-18-b "And a figure appeared" &c. II-19-a "Examining the state of the sea" &c. II-19-b "Mrs Barnett sobbed aloud" II-20-a "The lower framework was already floating" II-20-b "He escaped with a ducking" II-21-a "The embarkation of provisions, &c., had to be put off" II-22-a "He tightened them," &c. II-22-b "Mrs Barnett turned and looked Madge full in the face" II-23-a "A beam .